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About Us

At 2020 London Beer Competition, which took place on June 10th 2020, we won a Silver medal with the highest points in our class, the ultimate seal of approval in the global beer industry. In receiving this distinction, Orient Ale scored highly in all three categories: Quality, Value and Packaging.


Orient Ale is an amber coloured, medium-strength traditionally brewed beer.

Its carefully chosen hop varieties bring out citrussy flavours and aromas, while the best English malt gives body, smoothness and depth with just a hint of harmonious honeyed sweetness.


During the past 10 years, beer drinkers have not been satisfied with the lagers that commonly available on the market. They have started exploring craft beers with more characters, more flavours and of higher quality.

T Warriors Brewery has dedicated itself to developing the best craft beer to match Asian food.

In 2019, after numerous trials under the expert guidance of Mr. Martyn Cornell we launched the first craft beer in our “Orient Ale” series “家” pronounced as “Jia”.


*Beer consultant
*Beer educator
*Britain's leading historian of beer and beer styles
*Author, journalist, editor and blogger
*Speaker at conferences on beer in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United States.
*Writing about beer in publications from The Guardian to Beer Advocate to the South China Morning Post
*Author of "Strange Tales of Ale (Amberley Press, 2015)"
*"Amber Gold and Black (History Press, 2010)", a book about British beer styles
*"Beer: the Story of the Pint (Hodder Headline, 2003)", a history of brewing in Britain
*"The Business Guide to Cask Ale (Martin Information, 2002)"
*"Beer Memorabilia(Apple Press, 2000)"
*BGBW awards: book of the year 2015 and 2003
*Online beer communicator 2014 and 2011
*Beer with food writing 2012 and 2005...